Free mental health first aid courses

18th Jun 2024

Southern New England Landcare has partnered with Highway to Well to offer free mental health first aid courses in Uralla, Walcha and Guyra
Southern New England Landcare (SNEL) is excited to announce a partnership with Highway to Well to deliver a free two-day Mental Health First Aid course.
“Mental health challenges are particularly prevalent in rural areas due to geographic isolation, limited access to services, and social stigmas surrounding mental illness,” said SNEL CEO Karen Zirkler.
“Drought, flood, fire, and other disasters can impact mental health, making support and education crucial,” she said.
The course is designed to teach individuals how to provide initial support to those experiencing mental health crises or challenges.
Participants will learn to recognize signs of mental health issues, offer appropriate assistance, and guide individuals towards professional help.
By equipping community members with these vital skills, SNEL and Highway to Well aim to foster a more supportive and proactive approach to mental health in rural areas.
SNEL is dedicated to sustainable land management and environmental conservation and supports rural communities through education, resources, and initiatives that promote resilience and well-being.
Highway to Well is focused on delivering mental health education and resources to communities to improve mental health literacy and provide tools to support individuals in crisis.
The course will be run in three locations Uralla 24th/25th July, Walcha 27th/28th August and Guyra 5th/6th September.
Please visit the Southern New England Landcare’s events page for more information
This project has been supported by the Primary Health Network.