Enjoy some Halloween fun in Guyra

20th Oct 2020

To say this year has been different is definitely an understatement. Everyone knows about COVID-19. Too many knew about last year’s drought and bushfires before that. And then, smack bang in the middle of lockdowns, I decided to open my shop. This isn’t to gloat - it has been difficult, especially with small children. But what has kept us open is this renewed interest in concepts like ‘Buy from the Bush’ - but more than that, Guyra locals are more than ever supporting local businesses. To be blunt, your support is why I haven’t thrown the towel in.
So you may wonder why I’m starting a post about Halloween like this. Well, I wanted to acknowledge the main reason we’re hosting a Halloween event at my shop (The Rainbow Room). It’s to say thank you to the community. We want to put some smiles on faces, we don’t want our local kids to miss out. The secondary thought was that not everyone welcomes a tradition popularised in America, not the door-to-door knocking that comes with it. On top of this, we figured if we host an event at a single location, this makes social distancing easier to stick by.
So! The details are as follows.
When: 31 October (Saturday). This is an all-day event! 10am - after dark. Our shop front will also be open for purchases during this time.
Where: The Rainbow Room (91 Bradley Street, Guyra)
COVID safety plan: to maximise the ease of social distancing (and so the little ones can be inside and have the sugar crash before dark), we are setting up an outdoor table with treat bags for kids to take. These bags are put together by us and are an alternative to a communal lolly bowl.
Extras: One bag per child please. You can take a bag for siblings at home. There will be prizes given for best dressed and a jelly bean guessing competition to win some vouchers for The Rainbow Room (this will be in person only with no online guesses).
Thank you so much for your support! We hope to see everyone there in their spooky best, and we support everyone participating in Halloween, no matter their age or ability. Thank you for everything so far Guyra.
Jypsi Hooper
The Rainbow Room)