Water sustainability number one for Costa Group

Michael Engeman, General Manager, Costa Tomatoes
16th Jun 2020

Michael Engeman, General Manager, Costa Tomatoes has responded to concerns raised by residents over water security and said that the drought has reinforced the importance for Costa to become even more efficient in their water use.
The $67 million expansion of its tomato glasshouse operation was announced in 2018, with a further 10 hectares of glasshouse currently under construction on its site to the north of Guyra.
“As an Australian agricultural business Costa rates water as our number one sustainability issue and we have absolutely no interest in depriving the local community of their water needs, especially given many of them work in our glasshouses,” Mr Engeman said. “To suggest otherwise is simply wrong.”
“Our New England Highway site is already water self-sufficient meaning we don’t use any town water on our crops,” he said.
“The new glasshouse we are constructing at that site which will create an additional 160 jobs and between 60 to 80 local construction jobs, will build on this self-sufficiency. 
“This includes increased water capture capacity on the site in order to decrease any reliance on bores and reduce the risk of not having adequate water supply in any future drought conditions.”
Mr Engeman also said that Costa will continue to increase their recycling and reuse of water. 
“Over the last 12 months we have doubled our recycled drain water storage capacity at our Elm Street site,” he said.
“This is expected to save up to 140 megalitres of drain water per annum and increase Costa’s drain water recycling rate from 70% to 100%.”