New guidelines for City 2 Soil bins

23rd Apr 2024

Changes to composting guidelines have resulted in Armidale Regional Council residents no longer being able to add soiled paper and cardboard, paper towels, tissues, pizza boxes and pet faeces to their Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) bins.
To meet NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), WHS, resource recovery and service requirements, Council has implemented ‘contamination management’ in the new contracts for bin collection services.
“Bin/crate contamination education and reporting are part of the new contract requirements and are aimed at improving residents’ source separation behaviours while also ensuring the improved quality of compostable materials received at the Armidale Waste Management Facility and recyclable materials at Armidale Recycling Services,” said Mayor Sam Coupland.
“Reducing contamination rates will help Council recycle and compost more, and landfill less, helping to secure the future of our limited landfill capacity.”
JR Richards waste and FOGO collection vehicles are equipped with the patented ‘j-Track’ technology to support service efficiency with route planning, driver safety compliance, and real-time reporting of contamination or other collection issues.
Waste contractors will begin a program of delivering waste education letters and materials to households that have been identified as having contaminated their bins and crates. If a household continues to contaminate their bins/crates after three letters, they will be sent a letter to inform them that their bin collection service will be suspended due to continued improper use.
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