Save and Grow Guyra: Advocacy for separation from ARC nears completion

21st Jun 2023

Save and Grow Guyra (SGG) has announced that they have completed the final stage of their submission to the local government minister calling to separate Guyra from the Armidale Regional Council (ARC).
Spokesperson for the group, Rob Lenehan said that the submission to the local government marks the culmination of SGG’s efforts to promote a sustainable future for Guyra with appropriate local government representation and funding.
“This submission has come after ongoing consultation and discussions with the community and key stakeholders,” Mr Lenehan said.
“SGG has been working tirelessly to ensure that the unique needs and challenges of Guyra are taken into account by the local government. Through this submission, we aim to achieve a more responsive, vibrant, and sustainable future for the community of Guyra.
“We believe that the demerger from the ARC will enable us to focus on the development of sustainable agriculture practices, protect our environment, and support local businesses and job growth.
“SGG would like to extend an invitation to all members of the community to consider becoming a member of SGG. We look forward to a more sustainable and vibrant future for Guyra.”
If you would like to know more on how to become a member of Save and Grow Guyra, email us at or contact Rob Lenehan at 0412 669 373 . Membership information day will be announced on a later date.