Science in the classroom

03rd Aug 2021

In Science, Guyra Central School’s Stage 1 students have been looking at different materials, and how they change. They made playdough in all different colours and then wrote a procedure on ‘How to make playdough’. Using the playdough, they then looked at what happens when you stretch, roll, twist, bend, pinch and fold it. Their favourite part was when they got to use a little bit of each coloured playdough and make their own character. They showed the class their characters and made up a story about who it is, where it came from and why it came to visit Stage 1.
Also this term, Stage 1 has been learning about procedures and fractions. They all listened to instructions on ‘How to make Fairy Bread’ and when the fairy bread was completed, used their knowledge of fractions to cut their bread into halves and then into quarters. They then drew and wrote down the steps using verbs to explain what to do. Their favourite part was eating it.

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