Downed powerlines cause extended outage over wide area

15th Nov 2022

Two unplanned power outages in the Guyra region in the last week were due to powerlines coming down, with high winds and wet conditions contributing.
A spokesperson for Essential Energy said that network protection operated on a high voltage powerline isolating supply to 1,980 customers on Thursday, November 10th at midday.
“Crews were quickly dispatched to patrol for the fault, bringing in a helicopter to assist from the air,” the spokesperson said.
“A powerline was found down between Glen Innes and Guyra, with crews embarking on repairs and restoring power just before 6pm.”
Another 119 customers lost power on Monday November 14th after a powerline was brought down by vegetation in the vicinity of Elders Lane.
“Restoration efforts were hampered by high winds, with additional vegetation required to be removed before crews could safely commence repairs.
“Once the safety of the site was secured, crews commenced an extensive operation to have supply restored to all affected customers by 5.20pm.”
“Essential Energy apologises for any inconvenience and thanks customers for their understanding as our crews worked to restore power as quickly as safety allowed.”
Essential Energy reminds everyone if they see fallen or damaged powerlines or poles to remain at least eight metres away and report to Essential Energy immediately on 13 20 80.