Final thank you to Frank Presnell

Right: Frank’s children - Owen, John, Barry and Fran unveiled a plaque which is now affixed to the ‘Big Lamb’
28th Jan 2020
Janelle Stewart

For 33 years Frank Presnell was front and centre when it came to organising the Lamb and Potato Festival. Frank passed away last year, but his influence will live long in the history of the festival, and as a final gesture recognising his role, a new plaque was unveiled by his family on the weekend.
Lamb and Potato Committee Secretary Julie Gittoes paid tribute to the man who started the festival, which has become a fixture on the January calendar in Guyra and continues to attract a large number of visitors.
“It is just amazing to think how bad it has been this year with the drought, but we knew we had to keep it going for Frank because he was so significant in the community and so significant to the festival.”
“Frank was so good at what he did and we miss him and all the things he did,” she said. “Every year he rounded up the lambs and there are so many wonderful stories we could tell about the amazing things he did for the festival and for Guyra,” she said.
“He deserved every award he was given and it is great to have his family here today to unveil this final tribute to their father. It is also great to see that they are stepping in to do some of his work - John organised the lambs this year and his granddaughter Mara helped out so we can’t thank the Presnell family enough.”
“He did promise he was going to turn the rain on but I didn’t think he was going to do it during the festival, so I guess we have to thank him for that as well.”