Achievements celebrated

15th Dec 2020

On Tuesday 8th December the St Mary of the Angels community came together to celebrate the achievements of our students in Years 3-6.
Congratulations to the following students:
Dux 2020
Archie Jackson
Sportsperson 2020
Olive McFarlane
Ramage Engineering Science Award Sienna Nguyen
Molly McKervey Creative Arts Award Freya Bray
ADIG Mathematics Award Dominic Nguyen
CWL Pastoral Care Award Lachlan Clark
St Vincent de Paul
Social Justice Award
Olive McFarlane
U Goose Technology Award Daniel Grills
Armidale Regional Council Citizenship Award
Camilla Grills
Costa Leadership Award
Lily McFarlane
Costa Junior Leadership Award Isabella Hayes
Cath Lockyer Literacy Award Alana Marshall