Spark remains strong for Geoff Thrift

Geoff Thrift with employees Brad Lane, left, and apprentice Hunter Davidson.
12th Aug 2020

At 73-years-old Geoff Thrift isn’t thinking about retiring anytime soon. Geoff began his career as an electrician 56 years ago and thanks to the variety of work is still ‘learning very day’.
Geoff and his wife Anne own and operate CT Electric, which plays a key role in the day-to-day operations at the Costa Tomato Glasshouses in Guyra.
He first worked with Costa during the construction of the first stage of the glasshouses.
“It was our first major contract and at that stage the business was just myself and two employees,” Geoff said. “At that time people didn’t believe you could grow tomatoes in such a cold climate, but we were thinking of the backyard glasshouse. It was a really massive eye-opener to see the Costa operation.”
Since then, Geoff has won a further five contracts for the construction of the new glasshouses and ongoing servicing which has enabled him to grow his business and take on new employees.
“We are local and that is one of the reasons we were selected. We can guarantee 24 hour a day service. We now have five permanent employees including two apprentices, who are both local Guyra boys.”
Geoff said one of the real benefits of working with a large company such as Costa was the experience it provided for his staff.
“The training opportunities are unreal. The work is so much more advanced and the younger blokes are really benefiting from that experience. They would not normally have that opportunity in a rural electrical business.
“I have been in Guyra all my life and learnt my trade here, but I am also learning something new every day, not only electrical but what the growers are doing. I’ve got no plans yet to just sit down and read a book.”