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ifaw wildlife rescue app
10th Oct 2023

How to help save injured wildlife

If you care for animals/birds and hate to see them lying on the road after a car has collided with them, then before you leave home make sure you have this.
Download to your phone the IFAW animal rescue app, it’s free. It will give you a list of wildlife groups and phone numbers in whichever area you’re in in NSW, plus information on what you can do.
What do you do when you see a bird or animal that has been hit by a vehicle?
Everyone, and yes, that means you, can save a critter from pain and fear.
We all should carry a box, towels, rags and tape or string in our cars. A plastic carry cage is better but a cardboard box is sufficient in a lot of cases except for parrots, if active, and echidnas.
Then what to do?
Firstly, make sure you are safe, the aim isn’t to have a critter in a box and you in an ambulance.
Try and work out exactly where you are, electricity poles have numbers, the closest property, the nearest street, how many kms to the next street or town. Many animals/birds need to be returned to where they were found when fit enough to be released.
Keep the animal/bird quiet and in a dark place, turn off the radio.
Prop the animal/bird in the box with towels or whatever you have.
They will be in pain and scared, be careful and keep them away from your fingers and eyes.
If it’s in business hours, then leave it with all the details at the closest vet.
If the critter manages to limp into the bush then look at your IFAW app and ring the closest wildlife group and let them know. Do the same if it’s too big for you to handle.
You don’t need to try and feed it or give it water because it will be in shock and you could be in danger of choking it.
Thankyou for looking after our precious wildlife.
Jacquie Maisey

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