A different day dawns for ANZACs

21st Apr 2020

Dear Guyra Community,
As a Vice-President and a Trustee of the Guyra sub-Branch of the RSL I want to let you know that while we are unable to hold the usual ANZAC Day commemorations this year, this does not mean that we are not able to help you if you need.
We are acutely aware of how difficult these times are for everyone, and on ANZAC Day many of you will feel very isolated. You are used to rising early to attend the Dawn Service and sharing a cuppa with your mates and friends. Some of you then headed to the MPS to share in their beautiful memorial service of the ANZACs. From there you normally would head to Bradley Street to either march or line the street to participate in the memorial to yourselves, or your relatives, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, sons and daughters.
From there most of you have found your spot outside the cenotaph located at the Guyra War Memorial Hall while the beautiful ANZAC service is conducted with many of you laying wreaths. Over recent years this ceremony has attracted many hundreds of participants. For the War Widows and their families this will be a particularly difficult day - we know you are used to gathering together with other townspeople to honour your husbands and families and then to enjoy sharing lunch and good company at the Bowling Club.
This day has always included many of the school children from the District. We wish to publicly thank the school community of St Mary of the Angels whose thoughtful cards were forwarded to those in the veteran community who are known to them. I am sure there are many veterans who live with us all and who we do not know have served. We honour you as well.
Last week’s Gazette published the options you have for commemorating ANZAC Day 2020. The Australian Flag will be flown at the Cenotaph but no services will be conducted there. You might like to join with millions of other Australians who plan to “Light up the Dawn” from the end of their driveways at 6am. Please know we are here to help you. An easy start to seeking help is to drop in to GALA and ask to be put in touch with the Guyra sub-Branch. You do not have to do life on your own but we cannot help if we do not know you need us!
We look forward to healthier and shared times for everyone.
Chris Hietbrink