Highlands Science and Engineering Challenge

Christian Loeb, Dixie Orford and Rose Kliendienst
19th Mar 2024

On March 26th, twenty-one science students from Guyra Central School travelled to the University of New England for the Highlands Science and Engineering challenge.
Schools from the surrounding region competed in various science-based challenges to earn points. These challenges included creating sustainable fish traps, constructing earthquake-resistant skyscrapers from straws, and designing and launching a glider.
Notably, Christian Loeb, Rose Kliendienst, Edward Collins, and Dixie Orford spent the day building a balsa wood bridge, which was tested to bear weight until it broke.
The Guyra students emerged victorious, with their bridge holding nearly 90 times its weight. Congratulations to all participants and a huge thank you to the Armidale Rotary Club, the University of New England, and the University of Newcastle for their support in organising this event.