OPINION: The Lunacy of Climate Cult’s 100 per cent Renewables

17th Oct 2023

I endorse comments by Katrina Humphries “The Land” 5th October 2023 “inherent stupidity of the lily livered dreamboats pushing ideals” indeed!
When told this solar or that wind EGW will power 400,000 homes – do you understand, do you accept that this means powered some of the time? Is it good enough ONLY SOME OF THE TIME? What about the rest of the time? The shortfall must be met or we plunge into energy deficit; energy poverty - darkness!!!!! Coal fired power stations had always supplied energy, met peak demand and idled through lower demand. Gas can meet all demand, fire up quickly to meet peaks, then shut down in parts, likewise nuclear.
The Lunacy of Climate Cult’s 100% Renewables concept haunts a thinking person.
The Lunacy of Climate Club 100% Renewables concept increases costs to every one by:
• ignoring a full marginal analysis of THE EMBEDDED COST -(in financial terms & in terms of carbon)
• the true full costing:- including fuelled digging to mine and manage ores & huge payloads for small returns of rare earth minerals;
• slave labour and exploited child labour, the human cost;
• exploitation of the Amazon rainforest for balsa wood components; environmental cost
• fuelled transportation, shipping, manufacture, freight, installation, roads, pads and structures;
• sacrifice of generated electricity required to operate these utilities;
• full cost of all transmission infrastructure, including new transmission;
• loss of energy in transmission
• storage options
• sacrifice of Net Primary Production on productive land and waters
• depletion of native fauna and flora especially vulnerable colonies
• sacrifice of unrecoverable land and water
• cost to reclaim/recycle/dispose operating components, redundant components and
• all associated contamination and restoration of landscapes.
• failing to factor in storage capacity:-Battery capacity being threefold known energy requirements i] to meet current demand ii] to recharge the battery iii] to sacrifice energy required for EGW utility operations (motion/ cooling/ and loss)
• failing to recognise the contribution of communities and social dysfunction created by demands/ attention/stress/ research and effort in responding to poor planning processes and procedures;- all are measurable costs.
While our politicians sell best coal and gas (LPG) overseas accounting for a positive GDP, the recipient countries laugh at us. The mythical clever country’!
Our elected representatives don’t listen. They don’t hear. They fail to understand that wind/solar/battery/Electricity Generating Works (EGW) never generate an adequate energy supply for manufacture.
If renewable energy was the source of energy to produce components of EGWs, they’d never have sufficient energy to create any EGW system. Panels; blades; turbines; infrastructure; and supporting components are manufactured product brought in, a guarantee Australia will be forever dependent. That is, Australia will never be an independent manufacturing country with industrial capacity under renewables.
Australians get a Renewable Energy system guarantee ensuring we will never have capacity to manufacture again; add lost agricultural productivity; contamination burden; dumped unrecyclable components and lost natural landscapes, forsaken wildlife.
We suffer the indignity of subsidising the lost independence of Australian energy security, thereby Australian National security; forfeited to foreign entities; foreign agencies; foreign countries; foreign values and governance!
As for projected dominance of electric cars- just more “inherent stupidity of the lily livered dreamboats pushing ideals” indeed! Do we have to take what there is - or can Australia wake up?
Beth White
Ben Lomond