Restricted access at Kolora due to gastro outbreak

27th Aug 2019

The Kolora aged care facility in Guyra was placed under restricted access on Tuesday due to a suspected gastroenteritis outbreak.
In a statement, McLean Care said that it is asking that members of the community refrain from visiting and accessing the facility at this time until further notice.
“Families of any infected residents have been contacted and we maintain open communication with them as to their health and wellbeing.
“If any family members of residents have any concerns, they are invited to contact McLean Care for further information and updates.
“McLean Care has specific protocols in place to ensure our residents receive the highest level of care during this difficult time. Gastro is not uncommon in the aged care industry.
“Symptoms of gastroenteritis can include diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, fever, headaches and general lethargy. Symptoms of norovirus develop rapidly, within 2-3 days, and an infected person can be infectious for a few days, and may transmit the virus, one to two days before the onset of their own symptoms.
“Elderly people and children are particularly susceptible to the more severe complications of both gastroenteritis and influenza.”