Autumn glory in the garden

28th Apr 2020

This year after the extreme conditions of Summer and the prolonged drought I wondered how Autumn would show up or indeed if it would show up at all?
Would the leaves fall before they turned, would we have any trees left, after all things had been dire, but here we are in Autumn Glory!
April is always one of the busiest months in the garden, but this year it has been amplified with everyone forced to stay at home, and aren’t our gardens reaping the rewards of COVID19! And might I say, our pets are also pretty happy with this set-up!
So what to get done before the cooler weather hits. Cutting back herbaceous perennials is a good job to tick off the list, as most will have stopped flowering. Now is also the ideal time to divide and conquer!
By dividing your perennials such as Salvias, Anemones, Hostas and Hellebores, you can multiply your plant collection and fill those gaps left by the drought. Just make sure you use a sharp spade. Sedums can also be divided into smaller clumps and they are very fast growing and hardy, so are ideal to give away to friends who are just starting out in their garden. Autumn Joy is one of my favourites.
It’s also time to get your Spring bulbs into the ground. Bulbs are one of my favourite things in the garden. Dig a small hole, fertilise and water and they will reward you in spades when you least expect it, especially those early flowering ones such as Snowdrops, Grape Hyacinth, Jonquils and Daffodils. They look so beautiful en masse. I plant mine under our Silver Birch grove, and the impact of dozens and dozens of bulbs is truly beautiful, if only on display for a short time.
Sadly because of the pandemic, ‘Bulb Drives’ are not as prevalent, so you may be best to order your bulbs online at Garden Express, Tesselaars or The Diggers Club, just goggle them. I’ve been using this little tool to plant my bulbs, and it works a treat and is also great to plant out your vegetable seedlings. Speaking of which, you may like to think about clearing out what’s left of your Kitchen Garden summer greens and get ready for sowing and growing your winter crop, but more about that next time.
With only a few short weeks left, enjoy watching the flurry of leaves drift to the ground, in their yellows, burnt oranges, flame reds, and every shade in between and maybe a quiet tipple in Autumns ‘golden hour’ in the late afternoon. Winter is knocking on our door and soon the trees will be bare and our fires blazing.
Until next time, Happy Gardening!
The ‘Girl Who Gardens’

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