Brian Irving Memorial garden opened

28th Mar 2023

Harmony Day at Guyra Central School was marked with the opening of a commemorative garden, the unveiling of new murals in the primary quadrangle and a whole school assembly on Tuesday.
The day began with the opening of a commemorative garden which is dedicated to indigenous artist Brian Irving who had a special relationship with the school and its students.
Principal Michelle Nicholson said that she felt very fortunate to have worked to be able to work alongside Brian over the last five and half years.
“The murals in the garden were commissioned by the school and we feel privileged to be able to have them in our commemorative garden to honour Brian and his family,” Mrs Nicholson said.
“His contribution to our school is evident in every corridor and just about every room in the school that we go into and this garden will be somewhere to remember Brian and the contribution to the school and the community.”

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