Council to donate hay to flood affected regions

30th Mar 2021

Armidale Regional Council will donate 40 bales of hay to neighbouring regions affected by devastating floods, to help the farming communities suffering the loss and damage of silage and winter stocks.
A motion put forward by Councillor Galletly to provide the goodwill gesture to flood affected communities on the mid-north coast, after a transport company approached him with a willingness to donate haulage of the hay, was unanimously supported at the March Ordinary Council Meeting.
Armidale Regional Council Mayor Ian Tiley said Council is one of few which grows and stores its own hay and is in a fortunate position at present to have 40 large bales of Lucerne to donate to farmers who’ve lost fodder and are struggling to save their stock after the recent floods.
“The devastating impacts of flooding can be overwhelming and several natural disaster events have really taken a toll on farming communities over recent years.”
“Flooding severely impacts farming production and harvesting, it ruins infrastructure, can submerge and kill crops and pastures, and spoil produce” said Mayor Tiley.
“This small contribution is a gesture by Council on behalf of the local community to flood affected areas and recognises the generosity shown to our community when it was in need,” said Mayor Tiley.
Council is working with Local Land Services to manage the distribution of the fodder