116th Guyra Show - Yard Dog Trials

Encourage 1st Leigh Marsden, equal 2nd Jeremy Grills and Ben Marsden, 4th Jeremy Grills
12th Mar 2024

A successful yard dog trial was held at the Guyra show on Saturday February 17th. There were 25 maiden/novice handlers who ran 52 dogs over four rounds.
Competitors came from Stewarts Brook, Bundarra, Bingara, Matheson, Walcha, Armidale, Youval and the Guyra local area
Final results were:
Maiden: 1st - Matt Czapracki & Pepsi, equal 2nd Ching Sweeney & Phil and Tommy Cleaver & Jimmy.
Novice: 1st - Matt Czapracki & Pepsi, 2nd Ching Sweeney & Phil, 3rd Angus Laurie & Clancy, 4th John Peters & Tuff.
The Encourage Yard Dog Trials had 20 handlers who ran 30 dogs over 3 rounds.The eventual winner was Leigh Marsden & Kramer, equal 2nd Jeremy Grills & Taco and Ben Marsden & Gypsy, 4th Jeremy Grills & Twistie. 
Two new junior handlers
received an encouragement award for participation, these were Charlie Drew and Ellie Woods.
Margo Hogan

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