Bradley Street footpath cleaning to start this week

A section of the main street footpath showing how dirty it has become
16th Apr 2024

Armidale Regional Council (ARC) will be undergoing footpath cleaning in Bradley Street Guyra from April 19th to 23rd to help make it safer for pedestrians during wet and frosty weather.
The removal of contaminates will help minimise slippery sections of footpath and increase safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls to members of the community.
Council has timed the cleaning to take place in conjunction with the flushing of the mains along Bradley Street. The work is scheduled to start at 7am on April 19th and is expected to be complete by 5pm on April 23rd.
The water from the flushing process will be reused to clean the footpaths, which lowers the amount of water used in the works, as residents are now on level 1 water restrictions.
Specialist high pressure cleaning will be used on the footpath. The contractors will be utilising a system which uses hot water and a rotational cleaning attachment with simultaneous vacuuming.
Access to businesses in Bradley Street will be impacted for short periods of time during the works. Any outdoor seating or furniture is required to be stored inside during this time to allow clear access for the contractors.
There will be some noise associated with the works and the public will be unable to use some outdoor fixtures while cleaning in those areas is undertaken. Some car parking spaces may also be blocked off for extended periods to allow contractors access to their vehicles and equipment.
Traffic control will be in place for pedestrians on the footpath and vehicles on the road. Works will be undertaken over the weekend to limit impact on business during peak operating times. Works will be undertaken between 7am and 5pm to minimise the impact of any noise.
Council Officers will undertake door knocks, letter box drops, and additional community consultation to ensure awareness.