Old cars needed to help with training

Guyra VRA Rescue NSW is on the lookout for vehicles to assist with training
30th Jan 2024

Guyra VRA Rescue NSW is reaching out to the community to acquire old now no longer used/registered motor vehicle to be used for crew training purposes.
The cars are generally mocked up with entrapped persons inside and the vehicle placed in varied precarious positions to add realism to the training and assessment process.
The vehicle and crews utilise best Road Crash Rescue practices to hone their skills and practice and develop new skills in an ever changing world of evidence based Rescue learning.
We require old preferably damaged vehicles that can at least still be rolled or winched onto a vehicle trailer. We will collect and dispose of what remains of the vehicle once we have completed training with it at no cost to the vehicle provider.
If you can assist our organisation to be better prepared, our training unit can be contacted by emailing