Keno looking for $45,000 winner

28th Jul 2020

Keno officials are urging all players who purchased a Keno entry last Friday at the Guyra Bowling and Recreation Club to check their tickets. The mystery winner holds a Keno Classic 8 Spot winning entry in game 564 played on Friday, July 24, worth $45,005.80, but they are yet to claim their ticket.
There were only around 50 patrons in the Club on Friday night. Manager Betty Bourke said that they initially thought it was a couple from Sydney, however they have been contacted and they were not the lucky winner. She said that they are eager for the winner to come forward and claim their prize.
Keno spokesperson Ally Ramsamy said they are also eager to confirm the news with the latest Keno winner.
“Someone out there could be wandering around with a winning ticket worth more than $45,000 in their back pocket or handbag without knowing they’ve won,” she said.
“We’re urging all Guyra Keno players to check their tickets today; you could be holding the winning entry!
“Imagine discovering you’re the winner we’re searching for. Think of all of the exciting things you could do with an extra $45,000.
“Past winners have used their prizes to purchase cars, renovate their home, or go on roundtrips around Australia.
“If you discover you’re holding the winning Keno Classic 8 Spot ticket, hold on tight to it and head into your closest venue as soon as possible so that we can start the prize claim process.”