Dams full but water restrictions will remain until drought breaks

Guyra Dams at full capacity (Photo taken by Matt Mason 2017)
28th Jan 2020
Janelle Stewart

Recent storm rains have finally found their way into Guyra’s water supply dams, which are now at 100%. Water has also started flowing into the much larger Malpas Dam, boosting the level to 35.5%.
Despite the good inflows Armidale Regional Council Mayor Simon Murray said that it would be premature to lift water restrictions until they can see the drought is over.
“The falls over the weekend have certainly eased the pressure on our dams and extended day zero, but the drought has not yet broken,” he said.
“The forecasts are still not suggesting above average rain for the coming months and council will continue to maintain a conservative approach when it comes to water usage. That means maintaining water restrictions at the current levels.”
“Council is encouraging all residents to maintain their good habits in conserving water to ensure we get the maximum benefit from the recent rain,” he said. “If the experience of the last 12 months has taught us anything it is that we cannot rely on rainfall returning to normal and we need to plan for the future.”