Show heading in the right direction

Guyra Show Society President Richard Post with Dorothy Lockyer who was conferred with lIfe membership of the association at this year’s AGM
28th Jul 2020

The Guyra Show Society held their annual general meeting on Saturday 25th July at the Bowling Club.
Richard Post was re-elected President for a third term and the outgoing board was also re-elected. Senior Vice-President is Rita Williams, Vice-Presidents are Jarrod Schaefer and Paivi Walls, Secretary is the Guyra Adult Learning Association Inc., Assistant Secretary is Martha Weiderman, Treasurer Chris Sole, Assistant Treasurers are Sam White and Paivi Walls and Ground Marshal Controller Rob Lenehan.
Dorothy Lockyer was made a life member of the Show Society recognising many years of service to ensure the success of the annual event. In acknowledging her work President Richard Post said that there is no one he leans on more than Dot when it comes to organising the Show.
“Dot is always there to offer advice, to organise people and to make sure that things run smoothly,” Richard said.
“Her ability to get things done and her knowledge of the local community makes my job a lot easier.”
Treasurer Chris Sole reported that the result from this year’s Show was very good having regard to the drought, bush fires and the COVID virus. The Show was well supported by the locals and membership continues to grow. Income from the bar, BBQ and canteen showed an increase over the 2019 Show.
Guyra Show Society
President’s report 2020
Overall our 2020 Show was another success. The drought that crippled the community and exhausted our volunteer base in the lead up would have been more than enough reason to simply put it off. Many other shows cancelled. The fact we had a show at all, and that it was a success, is a real credit to our community and for that I think we should be proud.
Financially our goal in recent years has been to balance the books at a minimum, and ideally turn a small profit and pleasingly we have delivered on this, booking a small profit of around $3,000.
Membership numbers have grown 18% from 234 in 2019 to 278 in 2020.
We have focused on bringing back families by targeting our entertainment spend in this direction and the feedback and support on this front has been positive. The Rooftop Express was well-received however constructive feedback suggests we are due for something new next year.
Thanks to our group, projects and upgrades are being delivered at our showground.
The upgrade of the BBQ area that now incorporates a kitchen has been delivered on budget and user groups are very happy with it.
- We have $57,000 to upgrade the rest of the bar building later this year that the Bar team led by Jarod are handling. More on this in our general meeting following the AGM.
- Thanks to Dorothy’s application we have a grant of $66,270 toward painting the Secretary’s office and canteen, repairs to grandstands, the perimeter fence, display cases for the cake section and a concrete floor in the cattle section. These projects will be completed in coming months overseen by Dorothy and Rita.
In our general meeting we can expand on this and identify the priority projects going ahead once the current projects are completed.
We still have some opportunities to make the show even bigger and better. For me, the big one is to see more families, particularly those in town become involved in the show and I welcome your input to this end. I would also like to see more younger people become involved in our show committee in future years, and am continually working on this front.
Overall I feel we are heading in the right direction and there is much to look forward to in coming years. We have shown ourselves to be financially sustainable, membership has stabilised and is now growing, feedback is positive and the families are returning. In closing, I acknowledge and thank the many people who volunteer their time to make the show a great success.
Richard Post