Top performance from our Post Office

Julie and Kerry Gittoes provide top service at the Guyra Post Office
02nd Jun 2020

Business is booming at the Guyra Post Office despite the Coronavirus lockdown, and the doors have remained open while other businesses and services were closed.
Their commitment to the community is nothing new and has been recognised with an Australia Post Retail Award which has placed them first out of 57 offices when compared against key performance indicators and business growth.
Australia Post’s Retail Rewards program is designed to recognise and reward top performing Post Office teams. They take into account a range of metrics including customer service and safety. Guyra Post Office finished first in the NSW Rural North Network with excellent results in customer service and safety and near-perfect results in all other measures. Guyra were also among the top performing outlets for the whole of NSW in March.
During the COVID-19 crisis there have been some changes with licensee Kerry Gittoes taking the decision to review operating hours as well as introducing strict hygiene practices to ensure that both staff and customers were protected.
Kerry said that customers have adapted well, which meant they were able to keep operating and business wise it has been busier than ever.
“We are always busy, but this period has been more like what we see around Christmas time and we have been flat out all the time,” Kerry said.
“Over the last few years our parcel deliveries have increased and this has escalated since the restrictions were imposed with people moving to online orders,” he said. “What we have also noticed is that there is renewed interest in letter writing.”
“I think that this is something positive that has happened with people learning the art of writing a letter and also the delight of receiving a letter in the mail. People are also sending care packages to family members while they can’t travel.”
“With a lot of other services shut down, we found that more people were coming in, particularly those who still prefer to pay in person and we also found they wanted to stay and chat more.”
“The big challenge has been getting people to bring their own pen when they come in to avoid possible contamination.”