Local action group to now represent ratepayers

Rob Lenehan at a council demerger rally at Parliament House, Sydney
12th Mar 2024

A meeting last Wednesday organised by Save & Grow Guyra (S&GG) Inc. will see a change in direction for the group. The meeting moved to extend their advocacy to include the representation of ratepayers within the Guyra township and district.
The group will be renamed Save and Grow Guyra Ratepayers Incorporated and the current S&GG executive were thrilled to see around 40 new members register immediately after the meeting to join.
They are now looking for suggestions on branding and logo for the revamped organisation.
S&GG Chair Rob Lenehan thanked the Guyra community for their continued support.
“A $10.00 membership fee is all it costs for you to have a voice as a community member and/or ratepayer,” Rob said.
“While we are currently concentrating efforts on the possible formation of a new council area based in Guyra, of which the outcome is unknown, we must also look at being able to represent ourselves at a local rural based level in to the future and not as the village of Guyra, as ARC administration would have us known as.
“Membership of S&GG Ratepayers Inc. will entitle you to take issues and consultation to councillors and administration on a strong and united basis and it is intended to hold regular meetings locally where all relevant public input can be voiced and collated on a broad democratic front.
“It is hoped through membership we can build a strong viable representative body that will be recognised and respected by councils now and into the future.”