Totems unveiled at Kolora

21st Jan 2020
Janelle Stewart

Aboriginal totem poles now welcome visitors at the entrance to McLean Care Kolora. The totem poles, which were unveiled last week, are a thank you gesture from local artist Brian Irving.
Brian has lived in Guyra since he was four and the ‘Welcome to Country’ totems commemorate his grandfather, the Kamilaroi people, and the community of Guyra.
The works were unveiled in honour of all people who helped him in his life in Guyra. They are also a thank you to local businesses and people who supported firstly his mother and then himself when they came to Guyra.
Brian has fond memories of those people who first welcomed his family to Guyra, many of who are now residents in Kolora.
He is also grateful for the support offered by businesses who gave his mother credit during tough times, and helped him on his way when he was old enough to enter the workforce.
“This is my way of giving back, it’s something that’s going to be here for eternity, really,” he said. “It’s going to be a part of our little town, which is the one place that I want to live. I’m happy here and I couldn’t live anywhere else.”
Registered nurse Lakhwinder Kaur thanked Mr Irving for the donations on behalf of Kolora residents, family members, and staff. She said that they are a really beautiful gesture, and representation of the culture.
ARC was represented by councillors Simon Murray and Brad Widders. Cr Murray thanked Brian for the work that he put into the poles.
“It’s very fitting that Brian, who has been in Guyra for so long, has dedicated these back to the community. It’s very touching for all the community to come to see this.”

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