Comedy show with a message coming to town

01st Nov 2022

Proving there is a serious side to comedy Wayne Donnelly is hoping to provide the Guyra community with a few laughs as well as share the reason behind his journey as a hypnotherapist.
Wayne will perform his Comedy Hypnosis Show at the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame on Saturday November 12th.
The following day he will give a Mental Health Talk in the Seahorse Medicine Café.
The talk entitled “From Ending Life To Embracing Life” will detail how he overcame depression through hypnosis and why he became a hypnotherapist.
Wayne believes there are three strategies which can help you turn around your thinking and will include a practical demonstration with attendees so they can get a sense of what can be done to make a change.
“Mental Health is an issue in the Australian community,” Wayne said. “As I travel around the country I often hear stories of how local communities are impacted by the tragedy of suicide and self harm.
“Families are left to question what they could have done to prevent their loved one from taking that action. In this talk I want to share what I have learned in 13 years of practising hypnotherapy with clients for a range of issues.
“Stress, anxiety and depression are usually associated with the issue they came in for.  On Sunday 13th my aim is to address the issue of depression head on with a message of hope and encouragement as well as some practical steps that attendees can take home to use or share with friends and family.
“Why am I doing it? Because it was through depression that I became a hypnotherapist. My mission statement is ‘To help others the way I had been helped’.
“The talk is free and I’d love you to support the show on Saturday night to enjoy a good laugh and help me spread this important message.”
The Comedy Show is being held on November 12th starting at 7.30pm. Tickets for the show are in this link
The Mental Health talk is free and everyone is welcome to join Wayne at the Seahorse Café from 10am to 11am.