Progess for Guyra & Community Progress Association

Kim Burraston Senior Customer Manager and Kayla Hutton Customer Advisor for Regional Australia Bank presenting a $2000 donation to the Guyra & Community Progress Association.
12th Dec 2023

June 2022 saw the beginnings of the Guyra & Community Progress Association by a small group of people with the vision to bring our community together and build a vibrant Guyra. So far I am proud to say we have kicked quite a few goals for our community:
July 2022 - Lane Pittman Family Day at the Guyra Showground
Dec 2022 - Christmas Pop Up Display for family Photos, Initiation of Guyra Christmas Light Competition, Notification of Success of Stronger Country Communities Fund of $157,765
• Billboard on Highway
• Anzac Day Poppies for
ANZAC Display
•Easter Skating Workshop
for Children
• Open Garden Fundraiser
• Stone Wall Entrances &
Solar Lights
•Painting of Bikes in Bradley
•Installation of Murals
•Two Defibrillators for the
•Guyra Snow Ball
• Showground Hall
Dishwasher, crockery and
• Welcome BBQ & VRA First Aid Day
• Gardens in Bradley St and around Council Building
• Lighting in Bradley Street trees and more across street soon
• Progress Christmas Window Display Event
• Initiate Guyra Shop Window Christmas Display and Competition
• Guyra Christmas Light Competition
• New Years Eve Family Event Planned at Guyra Sports and Recreation Ground (ie Guyra Junior Soccer Fields)
I would like to acknowledge the invaluable support of Fiona and Christy of Ladybug Projects, James Roncon and his team at the Armidale Regional Council, Adam Marshall MP and all our local people who have supported the Guyra & Community Progress Association in any way. Together we have achieved great things for our community.
Last but not least to the very special anonymous person in our Guyra Community, THANK YOU! The heart warming joy witnessed firsthand from your generous donation towards the purchase of the beautiful Christmas decorations for both our Kolora and Guyra Hospital aged care residents was absolutely beautiful.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and looking forward to bringing in the 2024 New Year at the Guyra Junior Soccerfields!
Donna Davidson
On behalf of the Guyra & Community Progress Association

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