Ingrid in Mexico - May update

Ingrid Chilcott-Geere in Mexico
07th Jun 2023

I believe this has been my biggest month yet and I set off on my biggest adventure since arrival, travelling to Puerto Vallarta.
My ‘roommate’ was Ink, a girl from Thailand. Everyone else arrived and got ready. Then began the chaos of 40 international students all wearing brightly coloured, noisy blazers being marched through a high end resort while all speaking an assortment of languages and arguing over flags.
No incidents occurred during our walk and we eventually made it to the opening night of the conference. They rang their bell, welcomed everybody, shared some events that had occurred throughout the year, introduced some special guests and then we had our parade to show off our blazers and flags.
The next two days we spent lazing around the hotel, eating a lot, shopping at the plaza or swimming at the beach/pools. Our final night we attended the closing of the conference and were served very fancy tuna entrees and the first roast dinner I have had since I left Australia, so I was in love.
Afterwards we headed to dance at the resorts live music night. Around 7AM, 40 or so teenagers were packed onto a barely big enough bus (with broken air conditioning and a single emergency toilet) to endure 15 almost non-stop hours of driving. With everyone miraculously still alive when we arrived in Toluca at 1AM on Monday .
Wednesday the 10th was Dia de la Madres (Mother’s Day) so we all headed to Mexico City.
We had quesadillas for breakfast on the way and spent the majority of our day at the Museo De Cera. The easiest way to describe it, is to tell you to imagine Questacon, Madame Tussauds and Green Valley opened a shared business so please do that.
My favourite display was the replicas of medieval torture chambers with wax figures all bloodied and with anguished facial expressions representing victims in the buildings basement. Afterwards we moved to the Questacon/Green Valley portion of the museum called Ripley’s House of Oddities.
Later in the month I had great fun when I went bowling/shopping with my friends and started attending Axel’s volleyball matches on the weekends. It is good just to be outside somewhere with real grass that actually grows itself.
While I haven’t attended as much school as usual I have really enjoyed it and my language has come far enough that I can actively participate in some classes. My favourites are human & health and ethics, even though I thought it was only a subject in American movies at first. I have fallen in love with the school canteen’s chicken chilaquiles and begun talking to new people to practise my Spanish.
This month they also announced that the second lot of Spanish classes I had the chance of attending twice have been shut down. It does just make me a little prouder of myself though, as a good part of the other students had twice-weekly classes for 6 months and have lived here for 9 or 10 months still don’t speak the language.
I am not sure what I will have to write home about next month but I hope you enjoyed hearing all about my May in Mexico and that all is well in Australia.
By Ingrid Grace Chilcott-Geere