Global Citizenship Ambassadors

14th Dec 2022

This year at St Mary of the Angels we have taken on a project with MEG, a global program that encouraged us to make a change in our school for the better. We are known as Global Citizenship Ambassadors, this includes students Tom, Camilla, Noah and Mackenzie, alongside our  teachers, Miss Casey Lennon and Miss Tiffany Martin who have been there to assist us with our project and in helping us succeed. 
The problem that we identified in our school was rubbish and the amount of rubbish we had in our school. If we were to be successful in our school with our project we would need to begin by improving our recycling and rubbish collection. To address our problem we needed to work with the leaders in our school to make a change so rubbish was reduced and no longer a problem.
As the year progressed, so did our project which saw the implementation of an education program about recycling created by ourselves. The buying of colour coded bins for correct rubbish sorting and writing a letter to the local council about collection services and signage. As the year has continued we have looked into introducing nude food lunch boxes in our school to further reduce our amount of waste at school. 
Throughout this year we have engaged in a range of research, and conversations with school leaders, teachers, students, and families. We have also had conversations with our local council and have been involved in zoom meetings with other schools around Australia who have also been a part of the global citizenship ambassadors program.  
Not only have we learnt more about our environment and how we can make changes to help, we have also learnt important skills and knowledge including teamwork, collaboration, communication, a change in thinking and practices to those already in place at our school and leadership. 
This project has seen us identify a problem in our school that we as global citizens could address and have worked throughout the school year to eliminate this problem. We have already seen a huge change in the amount of waste in our school and how successful the new bin system and nude food lunch boxes has been. This has been a great change for our school this year and will be something that is now continued in our school for many years to come. 
We hope that from reading about how we have made a change in our school that you will decide to make a change in your household, business or in our local community. Just remember a little change can make a big difference in our world.  

From the Global Citizenship ambassadors at St Mary of the Angels School, Camilla Grills, Tom Graham, Mackenzie Ellem and Noah Brennan. 

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