Xmas lights winners

Nielsen Street winner
16th Jan 2024

The Christmas lights competition organised by the Guyra and Community Progress Association (G&CPA) has proved successful in encouraging residents to light up their homes.
The G&CPA has extended thanks to everyone who put in so much effort and time into their displays and entered the competition.
The judge for the competition was ARC Deputy Mayor, Todd Redwood and family. They had a tough time deciding on the winners. The winners of the Guyra Christmas lights Competition were announced on December 19th.
1st Prize - 15 Neilsen Street, Guyra, 2nd Prize - 1 Coventry Street, Guyra, 3rd Prize - 6 White Street, Guyra, 4th Prize - 9 Youman Street, Guyra.
The competition looks set to become an annual event and will be held again in 2024.

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