Understanding Farm Fire Units

26th Sep 2023

An information evening will be held at the Ben Lomond Fire Station on October 6th to helper farmers understand the new role for Farm Fire Units alongside the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) The RFS recognises that in many parts of the state RFS resources are supported by the use of private equipment, including Farm Fire Units (FFUs), to fight and contain fires.
The Farm Fire Unit Guidelines, officially launched at AgQuip in August 2023, are a commitment to consult; to understand what’s important to farmers; and let farmers understand what the fire fighter needs to do in the event of a fire.
A background check shows that rural and farming communities were instrumental to the foundation of the NSW Rural Fire Service. NSW RFS together with NSW Farmers intend to restore trust for a long, enduring relationship and build more relevant, meaningful relationships:- because a strength and trust are critical to ensure safer communities.
The guidelines for FFU’s working on fire grounds aim to ensure all parties can communicate, work together and keep each other safe, in partnerships, to protect our diverse places.
The intent here is to raise awareness, introduce the guidelines; clarify the way forward; establish strong lines of communication; share ideas and examples; promote understandings; collaborate; respect and recognise the important work that farmers do in the management of fire, whether they are RFS members or not.
The evening at Ben Lomond on October 6th, will secure an opportunity to familiarise ourselves with a broad brush look at the scope of applications and limitations within this new context.
Beth White