Who is the thief?

Some dog spikes removed from double shoulder sleeper plates were left laying on the ground
23rd Jan 2024

Vandalism and theft on our railway line has left members of the Heritage Train Group no option but to cancel operations due to safety concerns during the Lamb & Potato Festival.
This is very regrettable and the decision leaves the train drivers and members of the Guyra Heritage Train Group very sad, disappointed and, indeed, angry at the senseless nature of the vandalism to the rail infrastructure.
More than 180 dog spikes which hold the rail double shoulder sleeper plate to the sleepers have been removed and stolen. The removal of these spikes can cause the rail line to move while the train is traversing the track and this can cause a derailment.
This selfish action by thoughtless
people could result in misalignment of the heritage train whilst on the track causing injury to parents, their children and rail staff.
The rectification of this damage will cost the organisation quite a lot of money and time to find replacement spikes and repair the damage.
Members of the Heritage Train Group apologise for not being able to provide the very popular train trips during this year’s festival.

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