Schools’ Prime Lamb Competition

Lincoln Brown secured first place in the senior judging category.
07th May 2024

During the final week of term 1, Agriculture Show Team from Guyra Central School participated in the annual Prime Lamb Competition hosted by McIntyre High School at the Inverell Showgrounds.
This prominent event was attended by over 200 students and featured 100+ competing lambs this year. Throughout the term, students diligently trained the lambs for presentation and diligently monitored their growth rates.
Guyra Central School entered 10 lambs across the heavy weight, medium weight, and led lamb categories. Furthermore, students engaged in the junior judging competition, where Lincoln Brown notably secured first place in the senior judging category.
Lincoln’s articulate performance in the final round, accurately placing the lambs, deserves commendation. Congratulations to Lincoln for his notable success in the judging arena!
The heavyweight lamb pen, contributed by Gina and Warren Lockyer, attained third place in the live judging. Subsequently, they excelled in the carcass evaluation, clinching the champion pen of lambs’ title and the overall heavyweight class championship. This achievement stands as a testament to their hard work and dedication.
Gratitude is extended to the Lockyer family for their unwavering support and generosity towards the school. Special appreciation goes to Mrs Gwyn Pearson for her exceptional guidance and support of the students during the event and its preparation, as well as to Mrs Linley Ryan for her assistance and transportation on the day of the competition at Inverell.