St Marys celebrate Catholic Schools Week

31st May 2023

St Mary of the Angels are delighted to share the wonderful celebration of Catholic Schools Week Mass that took place at St. Joseph’s and Mary’s Cathedral on Thursday, May 25th. This special event brought together students, teachers, and families from all of the Catholic schools in the Armidale Diocese.
The Mass was a beautiful and solemn occasion, and many of our Year 6 Leaders from St. Marys were in attendance, representing our school with pride and reverence.
Following the Mass, the Spirit of Catholic Education Awards ceremony was held to recognise and honour exceptional individuals who embody the values and teachings of Catholic education. 
These awards acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by students, teachers, staff members, and parents who consistently strive to foster a spirit of love, compassion, and excellence within Catholic Education as a whole. We are immensely proud of all recipients and commend them for their exemplary character and service.
In light of the Spirit of Catholic Education Awards and Catholic Schools Week, I would also like to express my gratitude to all of the staff, parents and volunteers who embrace the spirit of Catholic education every day. May we be guided by faith, compassion, and the pursuit of knowledge as we strive to make a positive difference in our school and the wider community.
Zoe Nugent