Ingrid in Mexico - June

Everyone at the airport seeing off Joao
11th Jul 2023

June has certainly been an emotional rollercoaster. My first two nights were spent at Rotary events, first was a formal dinner/annual report evening and a Rotary pizza party with all the Toluca students and families. Both nights contained music, karaoke and a lot of having photos taken.
The night between the two events I went out with Mia, Alina, Johanna and João. We saw La Sirenita (The Little Mermaid) which I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy but it was amazing.
On the 10th, I celebrated father’s day with Rogelio. Axel, Maritza and I wore matching shirts and attended the Fathers Day Rally at Colegio Forger together. Everyone did a giant group Zumba class then split up to do what each family wanted.
I spent my last weekend with all the other Rotary students camping in Texcoco. We ate chilaquiles, hot dogs and lots of tunas (the fruit not fish). During the day we set up our tents, had a water slide and a soccer tournament in which my team won two of three matches. Everyone spent the afternoon talking and resting before the awards ceremony and bonfire that night. Some people went to bed immediately after but most of us stayed up until 2AM dancing, singing, talking, crying and just enjoying our last hours together. The following morning everyone packed up, signed each others flags and took SO many photos together.
The month has ended on a much sadder note as I said goodbye to all my friends at Colegio Forger, said goodbye to all my friends and watched them all leave and attended my first, and hopefully only, Mexican funeral. On Thursday afternoon Maritza, Axel and I headed to El Oro to attend the funeral of Maritzas great aunty Pompe. She was 94 and died peacefully in her sleep but the proceedings came as a bit of a culture shock.
Friday I was allowed to go for a walk through El Oro by myself which gave me a huge feeling of freedom which I haven’t really had since arrival. I walked through the town visiting the government hall where I was taken my first ever visit. I bought fruit from the market, a new art diary and visited many little stores.
Friday afternoon we returned to Toluca as Axel had a volleyball event early the next morning. Once he set off with his team Maritza, Pedro, Karina and I packed up the car and set off for El Oro again.
Sunday I had breakfast with the family then attended Sunday mass with Maritza, her mum, Karina, another one of Maritzas great aunts and her cousin in law. It was outdoors in the sun which was nice and I actually understood what the priest was saying.
We hung out at home most of the day then returned to the Casa de las Tias to eat and attend the 4th day of mourning before returning home.
João arrived at the house on Monday afternoon so we had dinner together, then he packed his suitcase while I painted in my room and did the washing. Today Maritza, João and I went out to dinner where she made us try sopes topped with chapulines. João tried a bite but didn’t eat anymore and I actually ate the whole thing, they were delicious but the idea was still very strange.
Wednesday morning we were up early and headed to Mexico City. We arrived at the airport, got Starbucks then went with João through customs and to his gate. We saw him off with a lot of tears from him and Maritza then left the airport.
Maritza, Rogelio, Axel and I spent the rest of the day walking around the downtown area of Mexico City. We visited the Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico’s largest church. Built during the Spanish conquest as a symbol of the consolidation of Spanish power the church is located directly on top of where the Aztec temple, Templo Mayor once stood before being ripped down to construct the cathedral.
When we returned to Toluca it had rained heavily and the streets were flowing with water causing traffic issues but we got home fine. The whole bottom floor of the house was flooded so we had to clean that up but luckily nothing was damaged.