New life members for Show Society

David Cameron with His Excellency Sir Peter Cosgrove and Lady Lynn Cosgrove
06th Feb 2024

The Guyra Show Society will honour three members with life membership at this year’s Guyra Show.

David Cameron
David Cameron has carried on the Cameron family tradition of being involved in the wool section of the Guyra Show. David joined the Wool section in 1973 when his father Bob Cameron (also a life member) was head steward. We are unsure if David joined of own fee will or was there some pressure up on him to join.
Since taken up the position of head steward of the Wool Section at the Show from Geoff Burey in 2004, David has proven himself to be most knowledgeable and passionate in the position.
He has dedicated a lot of time to improve, upgrade and promote the wool section. In 2023 over 350 fleeces were submitted for judging, making it one of if not the biggest wool displays in NSW. David is happy to help and support new and youth exhibitors show the fleeces. David Cameron is a valued member of the Guyra Show Society.

Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon joined the wool section in 1976. Richard Gordon brings to the wool section a great knowledge and passion for Fine Merino wool.
Richard now holds the position within the wool section of “Secretary and Treasurer” This job entails write up the prize cards for the winners and working out the prize money. This is a huge job due the large number of entries that are received in the Wool Section.
We know that Richard receives a great deal of support from his wife Robyn, perhaps if the true is known Robyn might do most of the work.
Richard Gordon is an asset and valued member of the Wool Section of the Guyra Show

Chris Sole
The Sole name is synonymous with the Guyra Show. Chris’s Great Grandfather T.E. Sole was a foundation member of the Guyra Show holding the position of treasurer and vice president. Chris’s maternal Grandfather Charlie Ditton was a life member of the Guyra Show Society and the Poultry pavilion was named in his honor.
Chris became treasurer of the Guyra Show Society in 2004 and continues to hold that position today. When holding the position of Treasurer Chis also held the position of President from 2011 to 2014. Also, during his period on the Guyra Show committee he has held the position of Vice President and a Director from 2006 to 2024.
Chis also holds the prestigious and arduous task of vetting the food and beverages that are sold during the show are of the highest quantity Chis has joined the ranks of the Sole family dynasty of becoming a Guyra Show Life Member, along with his Father Ian Sole, Uncle Les Sole and Grandfather Charlie Ditton.

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