Plea to donate responsibly to the Guyra Vinnies shop

15th Nov 2022

The following is a letter from David who is a volunteer with Guyra Saint Vincent de Paul.
It follows yet another instance of unusable items which were dumped outside the Vinnies shop in Bradley St.
(Name supplied but withheld in line with best practice for volunteers)

We at the Guyra Vinnies Shop are very grateful to the generous public who donate good quality, pre-loved items, as proceeds from our shops provide a substantial source of funding needed to run our local Guyra-based programs and services.
As a guide for what to donate, if you would give your items to a friend, then they are most welcome as a donation.
Clothing, accessories, books, toys, bric-a-brac, household items, sporting goods, and bedding linen are all suitable.
It is often best to donate your clothes and other items at the Vinnies Shop during opening hours, if possible.
The Guyra Vinnies Shop does not accept furniture and electrical items because of space limitations, safety and legal reasons. Any such items can be taken to the Society’s warehouse at 11 Bundarra Road, Armidale. If you do have furniture in good order that you would be pleased to give to a friend but would rather donate to the St Vincent de Paul, then please give the warehouse a call on 5776 0200.
Vinnies Shops cannot accept stained or torn items, broken furniture, or broken electrical goods at any of our locations.
It was a surprise then, that last weekend, a large load of soiled, broken, water damaged furniture and other items were found outside the Guyra Vinnies Shop. It was an eyesore, a hazard in the windy conditions and of no use to anyone.
The cost of its disposal could have been much better spent helping people in need.
On the positive side, the police in Guyra responded well. So too did some amazing community minded volunteers who just appeared to tidy up the mess. Their work in doing this is greatly appreciated by those who give their time to volunteer with the St Vincent de Paul Society. The whole community should thank them. And please continue to support us. We cannot do what we do without your generous donations.