Guyra Show - Junior Sheep & Wool judging

15th Mar 2022

We had a good number of students that came and had a go at doing both sheep and wool judging. Thank you to Guyra Central School, O’Connor Catholic College and all the independent students that came and supported us in both the senior and junior judging. Thank you to teacher that helped their students out
A big thank you to our sponsors Schute Bell Badgery Lumby, thank you effort for your support and to our Judges for the day Phil Evans and Adam Nordstorm (wool) and Samuel Sission (sheep). Also to Richard Post for the sheep, Steven McElroy for the wool, Peter Presnell for doing the microphone, and Jason Mowbray and Leigha McElroy for helping out. Special thanks to David Saunders for all your help on the day, and to Joy Saunders for your help behind the scenes. We welcomed Elisha and Peter Davis from COSTA who helped to present the trophies and provided sponsorship to the Guyra Show.
Senior sheep:
1st Ellie Mitchell GCS, 2nd Harrison Brazier GCS, 3rd Molly Brazier OCC, 4th Alex Baker OCC, 5th Matthew Connors GCS, 6th Patrick Wadley GCS
Senior Wool:
1st Ellie Mitchell GCS, 2nd Molly Brazier OCC, 3rd Alex Baker OCC,4th Ethan Harris GCS, 5th Patrick Wadley GCS, 6th Cooper Brennan GCS
Junior Sheep:
1st Abigail van Eyk OCC, 2nd Tom Lockyer OCC, 3rd Archie Jackson GCS, 4th Lucy Selby OCC, 5th Darcey Heagney GCS, 6th Shyan Dodd OCC
Junior Wool:
1st Abigail van Eyk OCC, 2nd Erica Menzies OCC, 3rd Shyan Dodd OCC ,4th Sebastion Yeates OCC, 5th Anna McCelland OCC,6th Lilly Pearson OCC and Tahlia Bird OCC
We also were given a book to go to a young person who lives locally and does not live on a farm that book went to Harrison Brazier GCS. We also gave out lots of encouragement awards to students
Gwyneth Pearson

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