116th Guyra Show - Poultry

Show Society President Richard Post with Sonya Wallbridge and Jessira Saunders
12th Mar 2024

The Guyra Show is done and dusted for another year, and what a year it was. There were sixty eight entries in the refurbished Guyra Poultry Club Shed, the largest number of entries thus far.
Judge Les, from Ebor and Stewards, April and Cheryl from Inverell were busy training our new Assistant Steward Jessira Saunders, with Sonya Wallbridge in training with the admin work for the prize card and Ribbon allocation.
A huge thank you to all the exhibitors and everyone that assisted in making this such a successful day. Special thanks to Sponsors Mort & Co and Grazag.
The results for the show are as follows.
Grand Champion Bird of the Show - Riley Nordstrom
Reserve Champion Bird of the Show - Chris Lennon
Champion Hard Feather Large - Chris Lennon
Champion Hard Feather Bantam - Chris Lennan
Champion Soft Feather Large - Amanda Woods
Champion Soft Feather Bantam - Riley Nordstrom
Champion True Bantam - Corey Nordstrom
Campion Junior - India Seaton
Champion Water Fowl - Riley Nordstrom
Champion Pair - April Seaton

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