Emergency apps available now to download free

The NSW Government recommends downloading four free apps designed to help country residents be safer in emergency and natural disaster situations.
18th Jun 2024

Getting caught unprepared in a natural disaster can be terrifying, but some simple precautionary actions can be taken with the help of emergency information phone apps from the NSW Government.
Two apps in particular are regarded as potentially life-saving additions to your phone: the Hazards Near Me NSW app and the Emergency Plus app, both instantly available to download free through the website, nsw.gov.au/GetReadyNSW.
With information sourced directly from emergency service authorities, the Hazards Near Me NSW app is a gateway to reliable emergency updates on bushfires and floods in regional areas.
If you are caught up in an emergency, time and location accuracy are critical, which is where the Emergency Plus app comes in. This app gives your precise location to emergency services, using three unique words and a tool to help you ring Triple Zero quickly.
There are two further apps available through the Get Ready NSW campaign, which are also worth considering for your phone.
Live Traffic NSW lets you know where planned and unplanned incidents may impact on your intended travel plans, while the Bureau of Meteorology app – which is the official Australian weather monitoring service – gives you hourly and seven-day forecasts.
The NSW Government recommends making use of all four apps, to benefit from all the latest weather information, warnings and assistances conveniently on your phone.

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