116th Guyra Show - Cooking

The winning Men’s Cake (above) baked by Stuart McDougall (below)
27th Feb 2024

Thank you to those people who exhibited cooking at the Guyra Show. It was all of a high standard.
Major prize winners were:
Open Section – Natasha Saunders for a Special Occasion Cake decorated in the form of a Scottish Highland Cow.
Men’s Section – Stuart McDougall for a beautifully decorated chocolate cake.
Primary Section – Jorja Cruickshank for patty cakes.
Secondary Section – Willa Maples for a decorated birthday cake.
Thank you to my long-standing stewards, Lorraine Hills and Noreen Williams for their help and also thank you to the CWA Evening Branch girls for their help.
Heather Starr
Chief Steward

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