Guyra tree tops the list

Chris Yorke sizes up the National Champion Poplar - Black Cottonwood (Populus balsamifera) at the Guyra Saleyards
13th Apr 2021
Janelle Stewart

The Guyra saleyards is home to one of the largest Black Cottonwood Poplars (Populus balsamifera) in Australia. The tree, which is believed to be around 110 years old, recently came to the attention of Derek McIntosh who maintains the Australian National Register of Big Trees
The tree was nominated for inclusion on the register by Chris Yorke. The tree is 30 metres (98ft) high, measuring 4.10 metres in circumference around the trunk with a crown of 30 metres. It has now been recognised as the biggest of its type in Australia and listed on the register as a National Champion.
Mr McInitosh is a self-confessed lover of big trees who grew up in South Africa and spent time in America where large trees are celebrated on a national register. When he came to Australia he decided to start something similar.
Mr McIntosh regularly travels around and always keeps an eye out for a new tree to add to the register. It was on one of these trips that he stopped in at the Guyra Saleyards and starting looking around.
“I started chatting to Chris Yorke who took me over to where this amazing tree stands,” he said. “We took the measurements and have since found that is in fact the biggest of its type in Australia that we have on the register. It is a worthy champion and for its age is in really good condition.”
Mr McIntosh encourages the community to contact him if they know of any other large trees in the area, no matter what type. The register is an integrated list of Australian native trees and naturalised exotic/alien trees.
The register is set up for people to send in a picture of the tree along with the circumference and he will then decide if it’s big enough to be listed.
Mr McIntosh encourages anyone to submit large trees via his website to help add to the discovery of the largest ones in NSW or even Australia.
For more information about the
register or to submit a tree, visit,