Greens MLC to speak at Guyra meeting

18th Jun 2024

Save and Grow Guyra Ratepayers Inc. (S&GGRInc) is excited to announce another public meeting to be held at the Guyra Bowling & Recreation Club on Tuesday July 9th at 5.30pm.
Dr Amanda Cohn MLC, a strong advocate for separation or de-merger of forcibly amalgamated councils across NSW, will be the guest speaker.
Dr Cohns’ unwavering support and representation at NSW Parliament level for our fight, from the Guyra rate payer and community, to reinstate our democratic right to control our own destiny has been relentless and is much appreciated.
S&GGRInc has a submission to separate the forcibly amalgamated ARC to form two new council areas based in Guyra and Armidale before Local Government Minister Hoenig since July 2023. Having only received minimal correspondence from the Office of Local Government and with ministerial amendments to the Local Government Act we are in the dark regarding Labors policy on council de-mergers.
With Dr Cohn being a member of the Upper House, we hope she can shed some light on the recent parliamentary dealings and contribute valuable insights to our cause.
Labor’s complete abandonment of pre-election promises and general policy has had a devastating effect on regional NSW. Now that over 10 councils across the State are at loggerheads with the Minister and Office of Local Government over the handling of the whole issue is testament of inadequate and dysfunctional governance.
Since S&GGRInc expanded to include rate payers of Armidale Regional Council (ARC), we have gained momentum and confidence within the community and are still looking for increased membership. Our rural action group is an important platform available to the rate payer and community to present and discuss issues at council level long into the future. We are actively canvassing candidates for the upcoming by-election for the Northern Tablelands and opinions and policy will be noted.
S&GGRInc is strongly advocating the proposal for a factory at Llangothlin utilising the existing rail line for freight at no cost to State Government or Council. This augers well for the possible future re-establishment of rail services north of Armidale. Further to this we see a real weakness in the local economy and the solid employment of over 130 staff and two or three trains per week warrants strident support from ARC and its communities bolstering the New England in many ways.
For a thorough understanding of the proposed facility at Llangothlin, the video of the public forum with David Peters of the Nucleus Project at Guyra Bowling Club, the evening of Tuesday 21 May 2024 is available here:
Rob Lenehan
Chairman S&GGRInc.