Have Your Say: November 25th

24th Nov 2020

Congratulations to the organisers of the Peony Festival. What a great day. The advertising was spot on. People came from everywhere, and when did you last see a traffic jam in Bradley Street? 
Thanks to the Council Workers who made sure everything was neat and our locals and visitors who were wonderfully supportive and very tidy! You would not have known on Sunday morning that so many people had been in town.
Once again, thank you to the organisers. You achieved an enormous success for your Community. 
Helen MacDonald 

So where to from “enough is enough’?
Obviously I feel airing a problematic grievance can serve to get feedback, to build a network, to collaborate and find alternative views and approaches.
Together individuals can search and review alternatives that may lead to possible actions that can make a difference, either locally, in this state or nationally. Make the calls. Write the letters. Address people in positions of authority, trust and decision making. Let them know your vision; and suggested solutions to the problems. Respond to their return contact with more information, justification and further clarification.
Look what can be achieved. Those are the decisive actions taken on the path to the establishment of “BIG Guyra.” The group followed a vision to achieve the inaugural Peony Festival on Saturday. Congratulations to them and all participants on their achievements.
Like the BIG Guyra Group - be decisive! Take action! Don’t miss responding to the Armidale Regional Council rating proposals with your preferred option, your expectations and your views on future rates and service levels before December 10th. The NSW Minister for Local Government, now Shelly Hancock, is responsible for the aftermath of the merger and the chalice of the harmonisation of rates. The Administrator will determine the Special Rate Variation,(SRV) proposal, so it is vital that you make your feelings and preferences known through the local memberand the minister and the council offices.
Let them know what you are thinking about rates and services
Beth White