New process for issuing penalty infringement notices

21st Apr 2021

Armidale Regional Council has recently changed the way penalty infringement notices are issued in a bid to increase consistency and remove customer confusion. All penalty infringement notices will now be served by Revenue NSW in an electronic or hard-copy format that will be standardised and recognised across the whole state.
Armidale Regional Council’s General Manager James Roncon said this will make the penalty infringement process more streamlined and will remove any customer confusion.
“This change will be most noticeable for parking related fines as those breaching time limit restrictions will no longer receive a physical parking ticket on their windscreen,” said Mr Roncon.
“The paper parking tickets were often removed by unknown parties, which lead to people being unaware they were fined at all, so this new process removes any of the uncertainty and confusion people have faced in the past.”
It’s also expected the new system will create a safer work environment for Council staff who risked receiving abuse from people when issuing physical parking tickets.
If you have any questions about an infringement notice you have received, contact Revenue NSW.