HAVE YOUR SAY: No windfarms on prime agricultural land

06th Oct 2020
Beth White

We are pleased to note that the Minister for Energy and Environment, Matt Kean said:-
“The reason that we’re coordinating the build of this new generation and transmission is so that we can ensure that the infrastructure is going where it’s accepted. That means not on prime agricultural land but on land where the social licence is there and the community wants this infrastructure.”
I agree with and support comments by the Strzelecki Community Alliance, that we:-
• Support the responsible deployment of renewable energy technologies.
• Seek transparency and accountability in the planning, construction and operation of wind farms
• Ask for fair and equitable treatment of neighbours.
• Want conformity to the recommendations of the National Wind Farm Commissioner.
Like ‘Delburn’ the Ben Lomond /Glencoe ‘Rangoon’ proposal ‘is an industrial wind energy facility which threatens the lifestyles, health, rights and financial security of the people neighbouring the site.
As a citizen of the Ben Lomond/Glencoe community I express my objection to the interpretation of the NSW State’s priority for renewable energy as The Rangoon Windfarm, being a wind farm overhanging and impacting the Ben Lomond village, our homes, our farm land, our workplace, our recreational and educational facilities.
No greater discrimination can arise than when the actions of one takes away the rights of another. Normally what we do on our property - house/business/ farming or gazing enterprise - does not and may not impact on our neighbours, nor is it legally permitted EXCEPT it seems in the case of a ‘State Significant Development’ clothed in environmental value, claims of sustainability but ultimately for the profit of companies far removed from the state and Australia.
My understanding as to why the Rangoon project is not accepted in the Ben Lomond community is that we share particular concerns that:-
•The impact of noise and visibility will determine a bleak future for Ben Lomond Village disrupting social, cultural, economic and civil structures within our community.
•According to the scoping documents not only are we, the inhabitants, deemed to be of little significance but the landscape of highland mountain ranges, headwaters of four river systems, clear air and perfect dark skies are also deemed to be of no specific value. At the same time there are campaigns, post drought, bushfires and during CoVid19 wanting to assure individuals in these communities that they matter and need to address ‘mental health’ – R U OK anyone?
•Claims of significant community consultation have not met community expectations
•Health impacts on our population
•Where NE Highway incidents warranted a separated, double unbroken, white line to be trialled due to an unacceptably high level of traffic incidents – this proposal places the highest (250m) wind turbines right beside the road – a formula for distracted drivers and unprecedented trauma. Local first responders will be further implicated and further stressed.
•Habitat in remaining pockets of native vegetation are of great concern from vortex driven weed seed spread together with sound, flicker and activity contributing to disturbance of patterns of living for all wildlife, particularly known populations of koala and quoll and raptors.
•A definitive research report on the effects of turbines on the pollinators and the dung beetles is wanting.
•Commitment to eco-friendly decommissioning processes is absent.
•Disturbance of normal grazing and farming practices in a normally highly valued, productive area.
•Aerial fertiliser strips rendered unusable, push costs of traditional practices, to make them prohibitive.
•Land values are already affected due to the possibility of the Rangoon windfarm approval.
•This is a new proposal so comments; that this windfarm was approved years ago by Guyra Shire Council; don’t bother to object, just ’get over it’; are false.
I ask that you join us in writing to ask for reassurance from federal and state ministers that there is some substance to the minister Matt Kean’s remarks that renewables should be built: “not on prime agricultural land, but where there is a social licence to build and the community will welcome them.”
Beth White