Bald Blair Public School Celebration of Learning

Academic Excellence: Sadie MacDougall, Claudia Evans, Isabella Purvis with Mrs Lenehan.
19th Dec 2023

Bald Blair Public School held their annual Celebration of Leaning and School Concert on Thursday 7th December, with over 100 people in the audience for the evening. We were joined by special guests, Mr Chris Bice, Director of Educational Leadership for the Northern Tablelands, Rural North and Mr and Mrs Jim and Joyce Betts, representing the Guyra Lions Club. Our generous sponsors for the evening included: Guyra Rotary Club, Guyra Lions Club, Guyra CWA, Guyra Lamb and Potato Festival, Top of the Range Shearing, Gavne Enterprises, Adam Marshall and the Armidale Regional Council.
Major award winners were:
• Citizenship: Mariska Campbell
• English award: Willow Cruickshank, Cruz Little & Emily Campion
• Mathematics award: Alannah Jackson, Benji-Luke Foster & Henry Evans
• Academic Excellence award: Sadie MacDougall, Claudia Evans & Isabella Purvis
• Application & Effort award: Jaidee Masuk-Purvis, Ruby Little & Abbey Grills
• Improvement award: Jorja Cruickshank, Maeve Milmoe, Polly Kane & Alby McKemey
• Encouragement award: Thomas Chapman, Brantley Redshaw-Blanchard & Jay Buckland
• Music award: Jorja Cruickshank, Grace Schaefer, Katie Campion
• Science award: Willow Milmoe, Margeaux Chilcott-Geere & Jaylee Burns
• Kindergarten award: Cooper Turnham
• Premier’s Sporting Challenge: Isabella Purvis
• Sportsperson of the Year: Taharn Masuk-Purvis
• Transition awards: Jack Campion, Ebonee Cruickshank, Oscar MacDougall, Logan Woollard
• Year Six Graduates: Jay Buckland, Mariska Campbell, Emily Campion, Gemma D’Hudson, Henry Evans, Abbey Grills, Polly Kane, Payden Missen, Isabella Purvis
The evening was topped off with a magnificent performance of the musical, ‘SING!’, directed by Mrs Aimee Lenehan.
Principal Ros Edwards

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