Black Mountain Public School Transition News

24th Oct 2023

Our five Transition students at Black Mountain Public School are enjoying another great term of learning with their transition leader Mrs Sapphire Roller. Last week, students enjoyed water play and an obstacle course, as they were exploring the letters of the week, O and W.
At Black Mountain Public School, transition students learn through creative play and hands on learning activities, using the Early Years Learning Framework, to prepare them for kindergarten, the following year.
Our Transition students regularly participate in activities with our K-2 Echidna’s class as well as other school activities such as assemblies and cultural events. The wellbeing and care of all our students is our highest priority. A smooth transition to kindergarten ensures a great start to school.
If you have a child who is four years of age or turning four and you would like to know more about this great program, please do not hesitate to contact the school. Our school’s transition program runs every week on Fridays, throughout the school year.
Mrs Justine Eddy
Relieving Principal

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